To have a left-handed job, negotiate for a raise and invest in yourself will help you get a more comfortable life in the future.
  1. Prepare an emergency reserve fund
Life is full of unexpected changes. That is why you need to have a reserve fund for such cases. This amount can vary depending on the specific situation. However, before 30, your funds should be from 3 to 9 months' salary.
  1. Negotiate a raise
You cannot just sit around and expect your remuneration to increase so. Even if your boss see you're working hard and effectively, it doesn’t mean that you will be paid more. Learn how to ask for your own rights. This is a delicate matter. Therefore, you need to study carefully the way to “enter” the topic and clearly understand yourself so the negotiation can go smoothly.
  1. Set aside at least 10% of your income into a saving account for retirement
It's never too early to start a retirement account. The ideal time to start saving is when you're in your 20s. When you got your first job, 10% may be too large. However, you should take it as a target when you’re 30 years old. Make a habit of gradually increasing the monthly amount put into your retirement account.
  1. Set enrichment goals
Money is not available like shells. You have to make it. If you want to be rich, set specific and clear goals before making a financial plan to achieve it. Think practically when planning. But also do not be afraid to dream big and challenge yourself. The rich always place extremely high expectations and believe in themselves.
  1. Control your spending
When you turn 30, you are required to know how much you have and how much you spend. In addition to be sure that you spend less than you earn, you have to know you're saving enough for retirement or not, or whether there is a way to increase your income and reduce your spending. You can accomplish this by noting down in a notebook, or use the application to manage expenditures.
  1. Find a left-handed job
The rich and successful people are always looking to have multiple sources of income. You have plenty of opportunities to earn more, for example starting your own business - the choice of most of the rich.
  1. Investment profit
People tend to invest only when they have financial stability. But many experts suggest that you should do this as soon as possible, considering the investment as a tool to increase your savings in old age. Of course, let's invest in something else rather than your retirement account.
  1. Invest in yourself
Rich and successful people never give their brains a rest. They always seek to learn even when they no longer go to school You can learn in many ways, by signing up for extra-curricular courses, attending scientific seminars or simply reading a book. Also do not forget to invest in your health, such as taking regular exercises.