Many celebrities have found common points between the new Galaxy S7 and their journey of breaking all limits and reaching personal success.
Supermodel Alek Wek: Do not be afraid to become a pioneer At an age of 14, a bloody civil war in South Sudan made Alek Wek to leave her homeland and migrate to England. Right from her early days as a model, she has faced with many difficulties. Nobody believed that a black girl could stand out from white models who were dominating almost every London catwalk.2 Finally, with remarkable efforts and desires, Alek Wek became the first African model to appear on the cover of Elle magazine and received various cooperation offers from many well-known designers, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Kenzo, etc. Speaking her success, Alek Wek said: "Do not ever think you can’t do something just because no one else has done. Dreams and consistence helped me to create a meaningful turning point in the fashion industry."3 Alek Wek also uses this motto to appraise technology products. She said: "I highly appreciate Samsung's continuous innovation. They are not afraid of being a pioneer and breaking all limits." Rider Kelli Samuelson: Overcome your own barriers Being a famous female cyclist, Kelli Samuelson used to have a hip injury leading her to a surgery and a long rehabilitation. Facing with the risk of ending the career, instead of being bored and frustrated, Kelli determined to take advantage of the time of treatment to pursue a more meaningful goal, which is to find a place for women in the world of bike racing.4 This motivated Kelli to launch LA Sweat, a female cycling club, in 2015. Only one year after its establishment, LA Sweat became the best club in the race of cycling around Southern California in 2015 and the two time winner of Mardis de Lachine. Speaking of her difficulties, Kelli shared: "For me, breaking barriers of having injury means the same as understanding myself and not allowing any limits to prevent myself to reach the goals." 5 This is also the way she recognizes technologies. Kelli mentioned: "I really love my Galaxy S7. When you spend all day sitting on a bike as I do, you will understand how fast the world is rolling. Therefore, a device having such a fast camera like Galaxy S7 will help me not to miss any beautiful moment in life." Designer Henrik Vibskov: Ready to break all limits Not only being a famous fashion designer in Denmark, Henrik Vibskov is also a popular painter and a talented musician. Numerous outfits designed by him were chosen by musicians such as Bjork, M.I.A., and Franz Ferdinand. In addition, he won many prestigious awards.6 Simultaneously pursuing multiple passions brings Henrik many difficulties in time as well as creative ideas. Sharing about his decision, he said: "I have always been inspired by those who dare to challenge themselves, to experience new things, to break all limits, and to make progress."7 Henrik always highly appreciates the role of technology. He believes that his Galaxy S7 is redefining what a mobile phone can do. In particular, the compatibility of S7 Galaxy and Gear VR stimulated his creativity. This multi-talented artist is cherishing plans to bring these advanced technologies into his future products. The road to success of different people are not the same, but the common secret is to break all your limits. This is also the declaration of the pair of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on the journey to conquer global technology lovers.