It is obvious that in recent years, smartphones have become an effective tool to help young people to save their precious time and enjoy a more convenient life.
Integrated with many useful features, HTC Desire 820G+ dual SIM has a fashionable design and it seems to be an ideal phone for the young at an attractive price of about $ 199. More easy to capture photos with two standard cameras Front camera is increasingly getting more attention from people and it becomes an extremely important part of a smartphone. Taking a selfie is not a new trend, but it has never cooled down, which is also the reason why manufacturers keep trying to develop this function. With an 8MP camera combined with s BSI sensor on the front, HTC Desire 820G+ offers its users with impressive personal snapshots.a Besides, to provide high quality images, the main camera of the phone has a resolution of up to 13MP, featuring with an auto focus ability and a BSI sensor. The back camera is capable of taking amazing quality pictures in both daylight and low light condition. If you are new to photography, press and hold the camera button to shoot continuously, and then choose the best images later. This is an absolutely ideal way to capture fast moving objects. Entertain anytime, anywhere with powerful stereo speakers Numerous young people take advantage of their phone as a true entertainment device to watch movies, listen to music, chat with their friends, or surf the Internet. In this case, HTC Desire 820G+ is a perfect choice for you to enjoy relaxing moments anytime and anywhere.b Whether you are playing games or watching TV, or simply previewing clips of a memorable trip, you will be totally immersed in a vivid world of honest sounds coming from the front speaker system and the two dedicated amplifiers of HTC BoomSound™. Moreover, don’t forget to mention about the phone’s high-resolution and wide screen which is compacted in this small handset. Handle work effectively with a perfect processor Equipped with a Media Tek MT6592 microprocessor, an UMTS 3G connectivity, an octa-core 8x 1.7GHz CPU, this new member of the HTC Desire family allows you to connect to the rest of the world wherever you are with a superior speed. You can surf the Web, check your e-mail on a 5.5-inch screen.c For HTC, the quality coming from both the operating performance and the product’s design. Having a strong and glossy design, and two different colors, HTC created a youthful look and exciting highlights for the handset. The borders of the camera, the flashlight, and the buttons are painted different colors, which brings a harmonious combination as well as a smoother design.d htc-desire-626-global-phone-listing-blue-lagoon The manufacture also offers customers with many versions of HTC Desire 820G+ dual SIM.  Not only does the phone has a stylish monolithic design, the handset also has an excellent shell making from polycarbonate. Are these the perfect characteristics of a reasonably priced product?