Lexus GS 350 2016 is a perfect combination between an elegant style, a top quality and especially an exciting experience.
Car makers really know how to please their customers by creating car models that suitable to each group of drivers. If BMW has 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz has E-class, and Audi has A6, Lexus has their special GS 350.
  1. The exterior design
Like other models of Lexus, GS 350 also complies the L-Finesse design with recognizable shapes. Besides, designers also deftly adjusted its look to create unique traits. The car first attracts users by its automatic daytime LED light system when the car rolled. The headlight includes 3 stackable lights that are capable of automatically adjusting the angle when cornering. Besides, GS 350 is equipped with an eye-catching L-shaped LED strip light. With an overall dimension of 4880 x 1840 x 1.455mm of length x width x height respectively, and the wheelbase of 2.850mm, not only does the car bring a balance exterior look, but it also has a spacious interior compartment. Lexus GS 350 rear wing is designed to create a feeling of certainty with a visible vein. The car’s luxury, sport is also reflected in the symmetrical exhaust system which is plated with chrome.
  1. The furniture
In Lexus GS 350, if the strength is demonstrated by the operation, then its luxury appears in the furniture of the car. Inside, GS 350 shows an elegance in every detail by being made of leather and dark brown wood. The highlight that has always attracted people is its 8-inch display screen, integrated with different entertainment functions and associated with the Mark Levinson 17-speaker sound system. The 2016 version is also equipped with an SD memory card slot and 2 USB slots greatly assisting customers in enjoying multimedia entertainment. The comfort of the interior space is also emphasized with its premium leather material and seat heating feature applied to both front and rear seats. Lexus recognizes the need for temperature adjustment of each passenger is different, so GS 350 is made to approach this problem effectively. The automatic and energy-saving S-Flow air-conditioning technology for the first time appears in the model that has the ability to identify the position of sitter and it can automatically focus the wind into that seat. The rear seat is equally equipped with an independent air conditioner, sunshade, integrated armrest, cup drawer, and storage compartment, hugging. The seat is capable of leaning back, and users will be pleased with the comfortable space for legs for long journeys.
  1. The engine and operation
This luxurious car is suitable for enthusiasts of speed and driving experiences. The car owns a 3.5L V6 engine capacity. The unique combination between the fuel injection system directly to an indirect fuel injection system bringing a greater power at all speeds. Specifically, the engine of GS 350 has a capacity of 316 horsepower at 6,400 rpm rev / min, the torque of 380 Nm at 4,800 rev / min. Another special of GS 350 is its ability to operate in five driving modes: Normal, Eco, Sport, Sport +, and Customize. Customize is a new but rare driving model, and it allows drivers to modify modes suiting each person and driving condition. It can be said that, beside the inherent smoothness of Lexus sedans in general, GS350 also owns special features in design, technology and especially an exciting driving experience.