It is not easy to live away from family and take care of ourselves, but if you know how to fully prepare your knowledge, you will find yourself much more mature and better in protecting your heath.
  1. The health system in the United States:
In the US, the money the government spending on health cares is quite low, so most people choose private medical services. That is also he reason why many people cannot pay the health cost, especially when the daily cost of hospitalization in private hospitals is sometimes up to thousands of dollars. If you intend to live, study or travel to America, you should have your own health insurance make sure that medical costs will not become a giant debt. Health insurance is usually paid monthly at different costs that are equivalent to the level you want to be covered.
  1. Health insurance:
The students taking the F1 visa do not necessarily have health insurance, but most of the universities and colleges require students to buy health insurance in order to be allowed to register. This information will be announced before the start of the course, and you can find it on the school website or on the International Student Insurance website. Once you know which health insurance suits yourself, let’s find and compare costs to make the decision. Additionally, you can also compare health insurance packages on the American Visitor Insurance website. The most important thing is you have to understand that the entire contents of health insurance whether it covers emergency situations or not. Note that students using medical treatments before buying health insurance usually have to pay a higher fee. Once owning health insurance, remember to keep papers stored carefully so as not to loose them and must redo complicated processes.
  1. New provisions on health insurance for US students:
Some new terms of the health of international students in the US have just been launched, under which international students wanting to study in America will have to provide some documents to determine their health status as well as the injection history. You can visit the UI Student Health Service to learn more about the requirements as well as medical forms. Normally, you will be asked to provide these following information: Information on the health of international students: in this, you must provide the general information on health status, immunization and information on your health insurance. Health History: You need to complete this form and return it to the UI Student Health Service before coming to the US at least a month. This form is translated to 9 languages. Immunization history: You can also ask for immunization certificates at local hospitals and send them to the UI Student Health Service at least one month before coming to the US. Note: Students enrolling in schools of the health science are required to inject some other vaccines than normal students and the type of these vaccines will be informed in detail depending on the courses you attending. In the United States, there is no national health insurance. Therefore, you need to have health insurance for yourself before coming to the US.