This article will help to persuade those who don’t even think about buying it or those who already bought but changed their mind.
About Obamacare Health Insurance The program of the Obama health insurance has 4 following tiers of coverage: Bronze plan – 60 percent of covered medical expenses paid by the plan; 40 percent by the consumer Silver plan – 70 percent of covered medical expenses paid by the plan; 30 percent by the consumer Gold plan – 80 percent of covered medical expenses paid by the plan; 20 percent by the consumer Platinum plan – 90 percent of covered medical expenses paid by the plan; 10 percent by the consumer Why Buy Health Insurance? When unfortunate illnesses encounter, you and your family will have a headache for costs incurred in hospitals and clinics. Especially with long-term treatment cases at the hospital will make families face costs of up to hundreds of millions. If you have health insurance you can be completely assured of healing. Health insurance is the solution to help you reduce financial worries when you or your family members unfortunately get sick, have an accident. Additionally, applying  the guarantee of the direct costs at the hospital system will help you to quickly complete the procedures and leave while only paying the costs incurred outside the scope of coverage. Under ObamaCare the less you make, the less you pay for coverage… but you still are responsible for cost sharing amounts. When to buy? The registration deadline is at the end of March, but those enrolled from 16 March onwards will have to wait until 1 May for the new insurance to take effect, which mean it takes one month and they also have to pay for this month (well only a very small amount). But if you only intend to delay rather than baring all the costs in the first year, you will have a full month - from 16 February to 15 March - to complete duties of Obamacare. Buy on any day during this period, your coverage will also take effect from 1 April, which is the deadline to avoid penalties. So, in our opinion, since the 16th of February, you should buy insurance as soon as possible; delaying further won’t do you good; deciding to buy early will give you some time to think and ... change your mind! So where can I buy? We can buy insurance in these following four places: Directly from the government's base, directly from the insurer, through a service bureau, or through the patronage of the factories where they work. We will talk about the pros and cons of each place:
  1. Directly from the government base
This is actually a "market" organized by the government and the government call for the private insurers to display so as the public to come and purchase goods. The Market is known as the Healthcare Marketplace. Some states have separate markets, for example California residents buy from Covered California (; Massachusetts residents buy from Washington state residents buy from Where do you live? Does your state have a separate insurance market for the state citizens or not? How do you know about it, if there is? It is best to go on the Internet, learn through, to know where your state “insurance market” is. If your state does not have its own market, you can buy directly from On the website, you will also find a telephone number for reference, and insurance enrollment.