With just a few simple steps, we can easily transform your home into an overwhelming space which only exists in fantasy.
The concept of virtual reality (VR) is gaining its popularity among users through the arrival of blockbuster duo Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and Gear VR glasses. It opens a three-dimensional virtual space, allowing users to enjoy the 360-degree visual experience through a multi-dimensional set of different images.1 To enjoy this technology, you only need to put Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 edge on two latches on the front of Gear VR glasses and wear them to experience. Once connected, the images, clips, VR resources on the phone will be identified by Gear VR device and immediately transmitted to users. You can use the navigation keys, increase or decrease the volume, change the focal length which are arranged on Gear VR glasses to experience the most vivid images. Even when pairing two devices, the space around you will turn into the mysterious world, full of colors, such as the vast universe, the rain forests of prehistory, majestic snowy mountains, a strategic Avenger battlefield or the heart-pounding horror movie scenes,… The most interesting is that you can interact with the virtual world by changing the angle, move freely and even fly, through walls, parachute and dive underwater without limits. Enjoy the best experience in gaming Gone are the days of painstakingly typing the keyboard phone for gaming. With the help of VR technology, the advantages of game on the duo Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge such as clearly detailed and smoother gaming will be amplified to a new level.2 How to play games with VR technology is also extremely simple. After connecting the phone to Gear VR lens, you can use the navigation keys on the glass to access the repository of the Galaxy game S7/Galaxy S7 edge. The change of perspective or hand manipulating directly impact the fight and characters in the game. Now, gamers can hold the shield of Captain America, Iron Man or fly like a Japanese Ninja in a blink of an eye. Travel around the world You really want to travel long distance but are not allowed by your time and financial condition? VR tour is definitely the choice not to be missed. With advantages such as 2K Super AMOLED curved screen, high pixel density, we can say the picture quality on the Galaxy S7 edge has reached a perfect level.3 4 Thanks to Gear VR glasses, images on Galaxy S7/ Galaxy S7 edge will be recreated with perspective throughout 3600. Therefore, whether turning left, turning right or panoramic away, users will immediately experience alive landscapes with corresponding rotation angles as if they were there. No more watching the Himalayan snowy mountains or beaches of the Maldives from far away, users can ski, walk on the sand or experience heart-pounding sensation when a large wave hits the shore. Overcome fears Most of us were brought in at least one fear,. However, if you are trained and acquainted, you absolutely can win them. Leveraging the compatibility between the duo Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 edge with virtual reality glasses Gear VR, Samsung brought #BeFearless campaign to build virtual situations with different difficulty levels, allowing users to gradually raise the tolerance and overcome the fear.5 There is no doubt that VR technology is becoming the trend of the future. Combined with the strengths of configuration and processor of the duo Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, virtual worlds on mobile phones broke all the limits that the users can imagine.